The chronological learning order.

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1) How to Hold your Ukulele (MORE!)...

2) How to Play your Ukulele (MORE!)... 

3) 'Drunken Sailor' [tab solo]

4) 'The Ukulele Blues'  [12bar,solo]

5) 'Stay with Me' by Sam Smith [Orig Key]

6) 'Sore Thumb Blues...' [12bar, solo]

7) 'Kookaburra - The Return!' [Tab melody] 

8) 'Knocking on Heavens Door' [Key of G, runs]

9) 'Gunning for the Blues!' [12bar in C, solo]

10) 'Something New...' [picking]

11) 'Chicken Blues!' [12bar in A, solo]

12) 'Everybody needs Somebody to love'  - The Blues Brothers [Key of C]

13) 'Peter Gunn Theme' - The Blues Brothers [Backing track]

14) 'Tab Time 3' [tab and chords combined]

15) 'Shakin' All Over!' - Johnny Kidd and the Pirates [Orig Key]

16) 'Use Somebody' - The Kings of Leon [Orig Key]

17) '5 Years Time' - Noah and the Whale [Orig Key]

18) Barre Funk! [intro to Barre chords]

19) Hey Ya! by OUTKAST [Orig Key]

20) Happy Birthday! [Key of G]

21) Zorba the Greek [tab solo, backing track]

22) Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes [Orig Key]

23) I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book [Key of Am

24) Away in a  Manger [Key of F]

25) Santa Claus is Coming to Town [Key of C]

26) Ding Dong Merrily on High [Key of G]

27) Last Christmas by Wham! [Key of C]

28) Rocking Around the Christmas Tree [Key of C]

29) Troika/ Sleigh Ride [Key of C]

30) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer [Tab]


30) London's Burning (The cool version!) [Key of F]

31) 'I Gotta Feeling' - Black Eyed Peas [Backing track]

32) Ode to Joy (Advanced Version) [tab and chords combined]

33) James Bond Theme [tab and chords combined]

34) 'Under the Sea' - The Little Mermaid [Key of A]

35) 'Paparazzi' - Lady Gaga [Orig Key]

36) 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King'- Grieg (Alton Towers Theme!) [Tab]

37) MORE Barre Chords [MORE barre chords]

38) This Little Light of Mine [Song, solo in G]

39) Sakura Sakura [Tab]

40) Sky and the Library [Orig composition]

41) 'Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate' [Key of A]     

42) 'Frozen: Let It Go'   [Key of Em]

43) 'School's Out' - Alice Cooper [Orig Key]

44) Mango Walk Instrumental [Tab]

45) Budapest - George Ezra [Orig Key]

46) When the Saints Go Marching in [tab and chords combined]

47) Halo - Beyonce [Orig Key]

48) 'I'm a Believer' - The Monkees / Shrek [intro, solo, chords]

49) Greensleeves [Key of Em]

50) Rock Around The Clock [Orig Key]

51) Inside / Outside Extended MORE!

52) Songbird - Oasis [Orig Key]

53) Count On Me - Bruno Mars [Orig Key]

54) The Simpsons Theme [backing track]

55) Whole Lotta Love [backing track]

56) Iron Man - Black Sabbath [backing track]

57) Sunshine of your Love - Cream [backing track]

58) Wonderful Tonight (intro) - Eric Clapton [Orig Key]

59) Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple [backing track]

60) Human - Rag 'n' Bone Man [backing track in Am]

61) Morning Mood from Peer Gynt [full tab score]

62) Shotgun - George Ezra [original key]

63) 12 Bar Blues PLUS! [shuffles and runs]

64) 'WHIPpick-a-way!' [Finger picking]

65) 'A Little River Walk' [Finger picking]

66) 'Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho'

[solo arrangement]

67) 'Summer Feelings' [Original piece/ drone strings]

68) 'Jurassic Park Theme' [Fingerstyle, difficult!]

69) 'Top Gun Theme' [lead line]

70) 'Hedwigs Theme - Harry Potter'[lead line]




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