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London's Burning

  • This traditional Nursery Rhyme sounds really good with the melody played on the Uke!

  • You could be very clever and try playing it as a 'round.' Split yourselves into groups and start playing as the group before you gets to the end of the Black section. Can you get 4 groups going at once? You may want to play the piece twice through.

  • If you want to play along with the backing track try playing the first time as a solo then the rest of the group join in after the louder hi-hat crashes and play the main tune twice, in a round of two parts, then finish with the solo part again.

A -------|-----------------|----------------|--0----0--------|--0----0--------|-

E -------|--1----1--------|--1----1-------|-----------------|-----------------|-

C --0-0-|------------0-0-|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-

G -------|-----------------|-----------0-0-|------------0-0-|-----------------|-




A --3----3--------|--3----3--------|--3-1-0----0---|--3-1-0----0---||

E -----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------||

C -----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------||

G -----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------||





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