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Barre Chords for Ukulele

  • Barre chords are a system of using the same finger shapes on different frets to make the same type of chords.
  • They are often called 'moveable' chords as the shapes can be moved up and down the nexk of the ukulele.

There are four types of barre chord we will be learning;

They look like this at any fret;

To know which barre chord you are playing, you need to be able to name the notes on the 

A string fret board.


Each fret is a semi-tone (small interval between notes) higher than the last.


Whichever fret your first finger is barring on, (on the A-string) names the chord. 


So, the following chord diagram is of C Major...

Can you name these other barre chords? (The number at the side tells you which fret they are barred at.)

Now lets put all this theory in to practise!

First find your Cm barre shape and jam along with this track, it only needs Cm!
This is 'Get Up, Stand Up' by Bob Marley


For a real barre chord challenge try this inversion shape for a chord of A to jam along with this track...



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