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Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid



A                            E7          A                          E7        A

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake

A                           E7    A                                 E7       A

You dream about going up there. But that is a big mistake

D                       A                           E7                        A

Just look at the world around you. Right here on the ocean floor

D                       A                               E7                        A

Such wonderful things surround you. What more is you lookin’ for?


                  D    A                E7     A               D                                 E7

Under the Sea, Under the Sea, Darlin’ it’s better down where it’s wetter


Take it from me . . .

A7            D                            E7                  F#m                     B7

Upon the shore they work all day. Out in the sun they slave away

                    D                       E7                        A       E7 – A (repeat)

While we devotin’ full time to floatin’ under the sea


A                          E7      A                                       E7              A

Down here all the fish is happy. As off through the waves dey roll

 A                     E7           A                                             E7      A

The fish on the land ain’t happy. They sad ‘cause they in the bowl

D                     A                  E7                  A

But fish in the bowl is lucky. They in for a worser fate

D                           A                        E7                              A

One day when the boss get hungry. Guess who goin’ be on the plate


                 D      A               E7    A            D                             E7                A

Under the Sea, Under the Sea, Nobody beat us, fry us and eat us in fricassee

A7                D                           E7                      F#m                B7

We what the land folks loves to cook. Under the sea we off the hook

                 D                            E7                           A        E7 – A (repeat)

We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles under the sea




Grateful thanks to Ukulele Mike for the arrangement and singing on the backing track. You can find Ukulele Mike by clicking here...

He has lots of wonderful ukulele lessons and videos on his YouTube Channel as well! Click here to find those...


I got in touch with Ukulele Mike through E-mail. He wrote...


  "I'm so happy you're using my lessons . . .A big shout out to all your young students. 


Mike Lynch


Lovely Man!






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