Backing track

Lesson Sheet


Chicken Blues!


The Basic 12 bar pattern...


 A    | A     | A    | A     |

D7   | D7   | A    | A     |

E7   | D7   | A    | E7    | (ending) A7     A7 ||

Play the Main riff...


(To play the 'Chick Chick Chick' section, lightly rest all three fingers on the A string and pluck it)


...then the E7 riff...


A --2--2--3--2--|--------------|--

E ----------------|--0-----------|--

C ----------------|--------------|--

G ---------------|--------------|--



...and finally, the main riff for the last time.



If you would like to hear what the tab part of 'MORE 12 Bar Blues' should sound like, please take a listen to my friends from Year 4 at Parkhill Primary School, Wednesbury. Their version is particularly good - including the chickens!



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