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'Sore thumb Blues'

  • 'Sore Thumb Blues' has two parts...

    • Chords - these are all based around A/Am. They help form the riff behind the...

    • Tab part - played with a 'swing' feel...1 &2 &3 &4 & in style.

  • So let's learn the chordal part first!


  • There is a little riff involving the Am chord moving to the A chord in a swing feel of 'long-short.'

It sounds like this...
  • The rest of the chords in the piece are played in the same 'swing' style. Here is the full piece...

Am-A Am-A Am-A Am-A

Asus Asus

Am-A Am-A

A7 A7

(short,   long)




  • Now let's look at that tab part!

  • Try finding a friend and playing both the parts together. If you haven't got anyone else to play with try 'jamming' along with the parts below!


The Chordal the tab part along with this.





The Tab the chordal part along with this.













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