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Away in A Manger

F                 F                     F                C7
Away  in  a  manger,  No  crib  for  a  bed,
        C7              F                   Gm                       C
The  little  Lord  Jesus,  Lay  down  his  sweet  head.
F                    F                               F                          C7
The stars  in  the  bright  sky, Looked down  where  he  lay
        C7              F              Gm            C    F
The  little  Lord  Jesus,  A-sleep  on  the  hay.

        F             F                  F         C7
The cattle are lowing, The baby a-wakes;
      C7            F               Gm          C

But little Lord Jesus, No crying he makes.

  F                         F                   F                      C7
I love thee, Lord Jesus, Look down from the sky,
        C7              F                   Gm       C  F

And stay by my bedside, 'Til morning is Nigh.


      F            F                     F                 C7
Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay,

          C7             F              Gm           C
Close by me for ever, And love me I pray.

           F                 F                 F               C7
Bless all the dear children, In thy tender care,

        C7         F                 Gm        C      F
And fit us for heaven, To live with thee there.



The Tab part...

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If you fancy a greater challenge, why not try the 'Advanced' version with double-stops (two notes played at the same time)?


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