I bought an Ikea bookcase for my house and ended up with an empty shelf. So figured that a railway could go there!
Udford Wood Halt is an automated shuttle single track shelf layout. It features an AA Van with working headlights as well as guest characters and useful yard clutter!

It has very atmospheric lighting and woodland creatures to try and spot - I challenge you!

Rolling stock is simple and often unique!

The Blurb...

Udford Wood Halt is an automated shelf shuttle single track woodland layout. It has traditional lanterns lighting the way with its selection of woodland animals to attempt to spot and identify! Full of atmosphere and a warm welcome awaits with the fire on in the woodmans work hut!

Have a look at the build video for Udford Wood Halt by clicking on the image below!


Or if your'e short of time, take a look at the fast flick!