My latest completed layout as of today (March 2023). It tells the story of the popular childrens book "We're going on a Bearhunt." I've read this book a gazillion times and the more I thought of it the more it appealed as a natural narrative for a layout.

(Click on the book to get your copy...)

It also worked well in my favour as I wanted to build a pizza layout. I'd been influenced by one pizza layout in particular for many years - this one (click here) but I wanted mine to be self-contained in an ACTUAL pizza box.

The elements of modelling were a bit of a challenge. First time I've modelled snow, didn't all go to plan...bit green snow in places but never mind! Found new resources, experimented and I'm happy with the end result on the whole.

The star of the show is always popular at exhibitions, as are the lights and one-off controller built to make them all work!

'Bearhunt' is a pizza layout in a pizza box! It is based on the popular childrens book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. The layout is divided in to the various landscapes travelled through by the family on their walk to catch a Bear! With 'long wavy grass,' 'big dark forest' and of course a 'narrow gloomy cave' there is plenty to discover on this compact micro layout!"