Once upon a time I was given a camera style carry obviously there was a small world going in that!

I fancied using 009 track just because I liked the look of it. I was never going to build a narrow gauge layout, just fancied something different. Not sure I'd use the look for N Gauge again though.

I was a little stumped for some interest and focal point on the layout past the station. I have a good friend, Mr Green, who when asked suggested a Beacon Pike. The town where we both grew up has such a Beacon Pike so I used its design quite heavily. I really enjoyed building it and lighting it.

Consequently the layout became named such, in his honour, for such a great idea!

Green Pike Station is available for exhibition. It displays on a 6ft table with lighting and extras.

The Blurb:
'Green Pike Station is an N Gauge layout using 009 track situated in an aluminium camera case. It measures just 40cm x 24cm x 13cm. It features street lighting, a beacon pike (with 'fire'), and a lit station halt. With thoughtfully placed figures it creates a story world all of its own!'