A return to suitcases!
I wanted to do a split level layout inspired by the lovely folks at 'Suitcase Trains.' A homage not a copy, mind!
I fancied modelling an expanse of water. Although I've done ponds before I wanted to be a little more ambitious. Since I now live in the West Midlands canals seemed the obvious choice. After all I run along them, fish in them and generally have a good experience of them!

Along the way I had a large expanse of ground that was featureless. I was having a 'Modellers Block' moment so turned to my good friend Mr Green once more (he of 'Green Pike Station' fame). So a Roman ruin was settled on . One Google search later and I fancied 'Brocolitia.' (Click the link to learn more about this ruin)

Brocolitia is available for exhibition. The layout measures 67cm x 43cm x 21cm.

The Blurb...
'Brocolitia' is an N Gauge layout in a suitcase with lighting, canal, Roman Ruin and ducks!
The Roman ruin is based on the actual Brocolitia; the Temple of Mithras. Its ruins are found in Northumbria, along Hadrian's Wall. With working street lights, canal, trees and ducks it has lots going on to catch the eye and tell its story.'