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Aklot 23" Mahogany Concert Ukulele Review

Firstly, I must say that I was approached by Aklot ukuleles to ‘sample’ this instrument and write the consequent review. However – as those of you who know me will qualify, it WON’T stop me speaking my mind and my truth!

The official line from the Aklot website (links below) is that this is a 23” solid mahogany concert size ukulele with an Okoume neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings.

So lets have a journey through the instrument shall we?

Starting at the headstock. It’s a 3 peaked rounded crown affair with the name ‘Aklot’ lasered in.

Below that there is a lasered in ‘dove’ picture. Little naff for my taste, but done ok.

On the reverse we have geared tuners with small peg buttons in black plastic. They work well and seem to hold the string tension fine.
The neck is a solid affair and nicely rounded, feels substantial in the hand.

I like the finish on the top nut. Fitted well and doesn’t ‘scratch’ at my hand as some can.

The fret dressing is good with no sharp edges. 18 frets with markers at 5, 7 10, 12 (doubled), 15 and 17. It also features side markers in a complimentary ‘wood’ colour. How easy these would be to see in low light I’m not sure?

The action straight out of the box suited me fine. No fret buzz at all and easy to pick and place fingers.

The body is a revelation for me! It has ‘rounded’ edges.

Now Aklot make quite a bit of this on their web site and I was sceptical. Kala seemed to start this ‘comfort’ edge business off and I thought it all a little precious to be honest – until I played this instrument! Wow! What a difference! A small difference but so much more comfortable to hold and play, I REALLY like this feature a lot!

If it’s important to you it does mean that there is no binding on this model because of this feature. Personally I don’t miss it here.

Around the sound hole is another feature that attracts me. It has lasered in ‘perfling’ type circles with a small diamond and circle alternating pattern. Really classy and in my opinion looks great.

The bridge is perhaps the big design point to the instrument. It is in the shape of a dove/ eagle. There was some debate! Obviously I’d guess at it being a dove to match up with the one on the headstock, but it does bear more than a passing resemblance to a totem eagle complete with inlaid eye.

Perhaps the figure on the headstock would have done better being more ‘eagle-like’ to match up. Either way its well done and not clumsy like a Makala Dolphin.

The strings come through the bridge with an internal knot. A little fiddly to tie but some believe this puts less stress on the bridge.


Inside, (for those worried about such things – I’m not to be honest!) the finish around the joints and bracing is good. A little globby with the glue at the base of the internal neck joint but really being fussy here!

 It has a single sticker bearing the line –‘ Music is my faith and the pursuit of my life.’ Er, ok then.

It comes with two strap buttons already fitted. One obviously at the base of the instrument and then one on the forward down side of the neck heel joint (as in the above picture).

I personally do not care for them placed here. I like using a lace to the headstock and leave the area around the neck joint free to explore the higher frets.

Ironically Aklot actually include a ‘Neck strap’ that doesn’t even necessitate the use of either button!? 


Talking of inclusions – you get an awful lot for your money. Tuner, spare strings (Aquila copies at a guess?), a .96mm plectrum (it’s not a bass ukulele Mr Aklot!), a ‘traditional’ pink thick solid felt plectrum, a pink ukulele cleaning cloth, a ukulele neck strap, service card and a small book ‘How to Play the Ukulele – a quick start guide’ (it’s not bad –pretty photos!).

Also included is a soft gig bag. This is my biggest complaint – it’s terrible!

 The zip is weak and sticks on shutting. There is little or no padding to speak of, I would hazard a guess at it being 5mm at best, not enough. It has a cheap canvas carry strap on the back and white piping around the edges.

I would have rather done without ALL the other gubbings included for the sake of a decent, padded gig bag. I would not feel confident travelling around teaching and playing with this instrument in this bag.


But to summarise…at £55 (Jan 2018) from Amazon UK this instrument is excellent value. The sound it produces is big and full whether strummed or picked.

It has a remarkable amount of sustain on it and with that rounded edge and great action is easy to play for some time.

I own A LOT of ukuleles, but very few concert sized, preferring the Tenor. This one is definitely going to get as much playing time as the Tenors.

Strongly and honesty recommended!

Now. About that hard case…






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