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Lesson Sheet


'Frere Jacques'


  • This is a traditional French Song.

  • We can also have a go at singing it in English as well...after that, we can sing about ANYTHING!

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, 
Dormez vous? Dormez vous? 
Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines 
Di, din, don! Di, din, don! 

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping? 
Brother John, Brother John? 
Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing 
Ding Ding Dong, Ding Ding Dong.

  • Now. What, or who, would you like to sing about? Simply click on the picture! 

  • There are lots of new 'Frere Jacques' versions thanks to lots of you writing them! Is yours below? Can you see it? If you can't and you'd like yours on the web site then e-mail it to Mr C and it will be considered!!

Star Wars

The Simpsons

Horrid Henry

Sponge Bob

Harry Potter

Dr. Who


Toy Story

The Wizard of Oz

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Scooby Doo

Super Heroes


Moshi Monsters


Where's Wally?

The Avengers

Football Teams

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Rotten Romans



Back to the Future

Horse Riding


Tom and Jerry

Bob the Builder

Happy Birthday


School Dinners




Despicable Me

Roald Dahl


The Flintstones


Ug Stone Age Genius

World War 1 trenches...

World War 1
Spanish Flag...

German Flag...


Polish Flag...





Looney Tunes...

Looney Tunes
Emmet Lego movie...
Lego Movie

The Gruffalo

Jurassic Park
Power Rangers...

Power Rangers

Finding Nemo








My Little Pony

Super Heroes 2


'Guest' Avengers!

'Guest' Ukulele

Kinder Eggs

Beauty and the Beast

Rock Music



Home Alone



Guest Submission: Manchester United
Cars The Film


Star Wars

R2D2, R2D2
Obi Won Kenobi, Obi Won Kenobi
Han Solo, Han Solo.



The Simpsons

Young Bart Simpson, Young Bart Simpson
Lisa too, Lisa too
Marge and baby Maggie, Marge and baby Maggie
Homer too, Homer too.




Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry, Horrid Henry

Peter too, Peter too

Ralph and Lazy Linda, Ralph and Lazy Linda

Margaret too, Margaret too.






Composed by Yellow Class at St. Johns School Wednesbury, May 2011

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sponge Bob Square Pants 

Patrick too, Patrick too

Mr Crab and Sandy, Mr crab and Sandy

Squidward too, Squidward too.



Composed by Yellow Class at St. Johns School Wednesbury, May 2011

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Harry Potter

Her-mar-nee, Her-mar-nee

Not forgetting Ronald, not forgetting Ronald

Grif-fyn-dor, Grif-fyn-dor.




Composed by Year 4 at Park Hill Primary School, Wednesbury, May 2011

Dr. Who

Aimee Rory, Aimee Rory

Dr. Who, Dr. Who

Travels in the Tardis, travels in the Tardis

Daleks too, Daleks too




Composed by Class 8 at Oakham Primary School, May 2011


Shrek the Ogre, Shrek the Ogre

Donkey too, Donkey too

Stinky green Fiona, Stinky green Fiona

In the swamp, in the swamp




Composed by Year 3 at Park Hill Primary School, Wednesbury, May 2011

Toy Story

Buzz and Woody, Buzz and Woody

Bullseye too, Bullseye too

Evil Doctor Pork Chop, Evil Doctor Pork Chop

Mean bad Zurg, Mean bad Zurg



Composed by Class 9 at Oakham Primary School, May 2011

The Wizard of Oz

Here is Toto, Here is Toto

Do-ro-thy, Do-ro-thy

Off to see the Wizard, Off to see the Wizard

Yellow Brick Road, Yellow Brick Road



Composed by Class 8 at Guns Village Primary School, May 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Oompah - Loompah, Oompah - Loompah

Grandpa Joe, Grandpa Joe

Charlie won the ticket, Charlie won the ticket

They were glad, they were glad.



Composed by Class 7 at Guns Village Primary School, May 2011


Scooby Doo

Fred and Velma, Fred and Velma

Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo

Shaggy Daphne Scrappy, Shaggy Daphne Scrappy

Where are you? Where are you?



Composed by Class 7 at Langley Primary School, May 2011


Super Heroes

Hulk and Batman, Hulk and Batman

Iron man, Iron Man.

Spiderman and Bat Girl, Spiderman and Bat Girl,

Superman, Superman.

Composed by Class 8 at Langley Primary School, May 2011


Orange Pumpkins, Orange Pumpkins

Halloween, Halloween

Witches put spells on kids, Witches put spells on kids

Trick or treat? Trick or treat?

Composed by Year 2 at Oakham Primary, October 31st 2011

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters, Moshi Monsters

Collecting cards, collecting cards

We can buy them at the shop, we can buy them at the shop

All day long, all day long.

Composed by Year 3 at St Mary Magdalenes CofE, 

November 2011


Snowflakes falling, Snowflakes falling

Christmas Trees, Christmas Trees

Santa gives us presents, Santa gives us presents

I can't wait! I can't wait!

Composed by Year 3 at St Johns CofE School December 2011

Where's Wally?

Where is Wally? Where is Wally?

Linda Too? Linda Too?

Woofy and his tail wags, Woofy and his tail wags

Whitebeards wand. Whitebeards wand.

Composed by Olivia, from Oakham Primary School January 2012


The Avengers

Black Widow Fighting. Black Widow Fighting

Hawk Eyes Bow, Hawk Eyes Bow

Hulk has got big muscles, Hulk has got big muscles

A-ven-gers, A-ven-gers.

Composed by Year 3 at St. Johns CofE Primary School May 2012

Happy Feet

Penguins dancing, Penguins dancing

Mumble too, Mumble too

Gloria loves to sing songs, Gloria loves to sing songs

Happy Feet, Happy Feet

Composed by King George V Primary School, June 2012

Football Teams!

If you're upset that YOUR football team 'Frere Jacque' isn't represented, then write one!

Write it down and hand it to Mr C or send it via the contact page and it may find it's place here!

Carlisle United

Let's all go to, Let's all go to,

Brunton Park, Brunton Park.

Home of Super Carlisle, Home of Super Carlisle

Cumbrians, Cumbrians.

Long have I resisted the urge, conflict and arguments against doing 'Frere Jacque inspired' football songs!

However, I have finally relented! BUT if we're going to have football teams, then we have the Mighty Carlisle United first! (Mr C's football team!)

After all, they have to come first in something!

Chelsea FC

Didier Drogba, Didier Drogba

Lampard too, Lampard too.

Terry and Anelka, Terry and Anelka.

Petr Cech. Petr Cech.

Composed by Kaden at St. Mary Magdalenes CofE school

October 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Raph is the tough one, Raph is the tough one

Leo leads well, Leo leads well

Crazy Mickey weird one, crazy Mickey weird one

Donnie the brains, Donnie the brains

Composed by Nathan at St. Mary Magdalenes CofE school

October 2012


Pokemon now! Pokemon now!

Exadrill. Exadrill.

A-sh is the battler, A-sh is the battler

Pikachu, Pikachu.

Composed by Ryan at St. Mary Magdalenes CofE school

October 2012

Rotten Romans

Rotten Romans, Rotten Romans

Hadrians Wall, Hadrians Wall

Lost the battle came back, Lost the battle came back

Then they won! Then they won!

Composed by Year 3 at St. Mary Magdalenes CofE school

October 2012

The Ukulele One!

Ukulele, Ukulele

Great to play, great to play

I can play a song now, I can play a song now

You can too, you can too!

Composed by Sam from Pennyhill Primary School

November 2012


I love sugar, I love sugar!

Popcorn too, Popcorn too

Mix it all together, mix it all together

Tastes so sweet, tastes so sweet


Composed by Cole from Langley Primary School

November 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

Whoop-tee-doo! Whoop-tee-doo!

May your day be pleasant, may your day be pleasant.

All for you, all for you.


Composed by Khelsey from Langley Primary school

November 2012

Back to the Future!

Mar-ty Mc-Fly, Marty McFly

Doc Brown too, Doc Brown too.

Went back to the future, went back to the future

Time Machine, time machine.


Composed by Thomas from St Mary Magdalenes CofE school

November 2012

Horse Riding!

I like riding, I like riding

Don't you too? Don't you too?

Come and ride with me now, come and ride with me now

Clip clap clop, clip clap clop!

Composed by Seren from Hamstead Junior School 

November 2012


Frankenweenie, Frankenweenie.

Victor too, Victor too

Sparky is the small dog, Sparky is the small dog

Black and white, black and white.


Composed by Jake at Hamstead Junior  school

November 2012

Tom and Jerry!

Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry

Cat and mouse, cat and mouse

Tom is chasing Jerry, Tom is chasing Jerry

Jerry hides, Jerry hides

Composed by Chayleigh from St.Johns CofE school

November 2012

Bob the Builder!

Bob the Builder, Bob the Builder

You can fix it, You can fix it

Wendy, Scoop and Dizzy,Wendy, Scoop and Dizzy,

They help too, they help too.


Composed by Abidur from St. Johns CofE school

November 2012

School Dinners

Our School Dinners, Our School Dinners

Are Yum-my! Are Yum-my!

I like pizza with some chips, I like pizza with some chips.

With Red sauce, with Red sauce.

Composed by Jessica from Oakham Primary School

April 2013


Minecraft is good, Minecraft is good.

Build a bench. Build a bench.

Wolves with red eyes glow-ing, Wolves with red eyes glow-ing 

With Zom-bies, with Zom-bies!


Composed by Class 6 at Oakham Primary School

April 2013


Despicable Me

Grue and Lucy, Grue and Lucy.

Minions too, Minions too.

Agnes Edith Margo, Agnes Edith Margo.

Despicable Me, Despicable Me

Composed by Class DS at Ocker Hill Academy

March 2014

Roald Dahl

Going Solo, Going Solo.

B F G, B F G

Georges Marvellous Medicine, Georges Marvellous Medicine.

Roald Dahl, Roald Dahl.

Composed by Class 7 at Oakham Primary School

March 2014

The Flintstones

Fred and Barney, Fred and Barney

Bamm Bamm too, Bamm Bamm too

Not forgetting pebbles, not forgetting pebbles

Yab a daba do, yab a daba do!

Composed by class 'Hawkers Cove' at Lanivet Community Primary School, Cornwall 

Their teacher, Mr Jones, got in touch with me and told me how much his class enjoyed using the 'Ukulele Rocks!' web site to help learn the ukulele.

They wrote their own 'Frere Jacques' song and wanted to see it on the web site. I was delighted to do this!

Why don't you write your own version and send it to me? Like Hawkers Cove - it might even get on the web site!

Ug - Stone Age Genius

Stone Age Cave Boys,
Stone Age Cave Boys

Ug and Ag, Ug and Ag

Nee-ding some new trou-sers, nee-ding some new trou-sers

Fur not stone, fur not stone.
Written by Class 3HJ at Langley Primary School, June 2014

World War I

Sharp barbed wire, sharp barbed wire

Trenches too, trenches too.

Don't forget the soldiers, don't forget the soldiers

World War 1, World War 1.
Written by Connor in Year 2 at Oakham Primary School, July 2014


Fray Santiago, Fray Santiago

Duermes Tu? Duermes Tu?

Suenan las campnas, Suenan las campnas

Ding-dang-dong! Ding-dang-dong!
 For a little help with the Spanish, try this helpful video!

Complete with Bear!!

(It's also got the French version on it!)


Bruder Jakob,
Bruder Jakob

Schlaefst du noch? Schlaefst du noch?

Horst du nicht die glocken, Horst du nicht die glocken

Ding-dang-dong! Ding-dang-dong!

For a little help with the German try this helpful video...
...complete with scary children!


Panie Janie!
Panie Janie!

Rano wstań! Rano wstań!

Wszystkie dźwony biją, Wszystkie dźwony biją

Bim Bam Bum! Bim Bam Bum!

For a little help with the Polish try this helpful video...complete with very happy Portugeuse children!
My friend Maja at Holyhead school also helped us with the pronunciation...


Pista bácsi, János bácsi,           
(Pees-ta Bar-kee, Ya-nos Bar-kee)

Keljen fel, keljen fel!                   
(Kel-yen fell, kel-yen fell)

Harangoznak délre, hívnak az ebédre,
(Ha-ran-goze-nak dear-reh, heave-nak az e-bee-dray)

Bom-bom-bom, Bim-bam-bom.   
(Bom-bom-bom, Bim-bam-bom)

For some help with the pronunciation of this Frere Jacque try this cartoon YouTube film!

(Oh, and many thanks to MrC's very clever Hungarian friend Eva for the help with this one!)


Fra Martino, campanaro,

Dormi tu? Dormi tu?

Suona le campane, Suona le campane!

Din don dan, din don dan.
For some help with the pronunciation why not take a look at this video on YouTube...the lyrics are in the comments for some help. warned! 'Fra Martino' seems to have a little problem while he sleeps!!


Ki tussi sau rehey ho, tussi sau rehey ho.

Veera John. Veera John.

Amrit vela ho geya, amrit vela ho geya.

Ding, dang, dong! Ding, dang, dong!
I had some lovely help with this from the Sagoo family - including Dad Narinder! So lots of thanks to them!

For some help with pronunciation why not take a look at this YouTube video...

Power Rangers

Power Rangers, Power Rangers

S.P.D. , S.P.D.

Fighting all the bad guys, Fighting all the bad guys

Keep us safe, keep us safe.
Composed by Class 3H at Guns Village Primary School, October 2014


Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime

Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee

Autobots are coming now, Autobots are coming now

Transformers, Transformers
Composed by Class 3J at Guns Village Primary School, October 2014

Cars The Movie

Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen

Maters friend, Maters friend

The big race is going on, The big race is going on

Cars the film, Cars the film
Composed by Class 3 at Parkhill Primary School, October 2014

Looney Tunes

Taz and Daffy, Taz and Daffy

Tweetie Pie, Tweetie Pie

"What's up Doc?!" Bugs Bunny, "What's up Doc?!" Bugs Bunny

Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes
Composed by Class 3HW at Ocker Hill Academy, October 2014

Lego Movie

Lego Movie, Lego Movie.

Emmet builds, Emmet builds.

Everything is AWESOME! Everything is AWESOME!

That's my jam. That's MY jam!
Composed by Class 3DS at Ocker Hill Academy
March 2015


Cinderella, Cinderella

Prince Charming, Prince Charming

Dancing at the Royal Ball, Dancing at the Royal Ball

Lost her shoe, lost her shoe.
Composed by Class 7 at Oakham Primary School
March 2015

The Gruffalo

Scared in the wood, scared in the wood

Gruff-a-lo, Gruff-a-lo

Mouse looked very yum-my, Mouse looked very yum-my

Mouse got away, Mouse got away
Composed by Year 3 at Parkhill Primary School.

October 2015

Jurassic Park

Dino's running, dino's running

Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park

They are going to eat you, they are going to eat you

Run away! Run away!
Composed by Class 3HW at Ocker Hill Academy

October 2015

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo, finding Nemo

Where are you? Where are you?

Looking for his lost son, looking for his lost son

There he is! There he is!
Composed by Year 3 at Hamstead Junior School
October 2015


Dark and milky, dark and milky

White is nice, white is nice

Everybody loves it, everybody loves it

Chocolate, chocolate.
Composed by Year 3 at St Mary Magdalenes CofE Primary School
October 2015


Hor-ri-fy-ing, horrifying

Green and long, green and long

Snappy, scaley, scarey, snappy, scaley, scarey

Croc-o-dile, crocodile.
Composed by Year 3 at Guns Village Primary School
October 2015


They eat small shrimp, they eat small shrimp

Tall and pink, tall and pink

Standing on one skinny leg, standing on one skinny leg

Flamingoes, flamingoes.
Composed by Class 3DS at Ocker Hill Junior Academy
October 2015


Yummy icing, yummy icing

Sprinkles too, sprinkles too

sticky gooey chocolate, sticky gooey chocolate

I like CAKE! I like CAKE!
Composed by Year 3 at St Johns CofE Primary Academy
October 2015


Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Nuggets

Happy Meal, Happy Meal

Burgers Fries and ice cream, Burgers Fries and ice cream

McDonalds, McDonalds
Composed by Class 3Red at Langley Primary School
October 2015


Pepperoni, Pepperoni

Melted cheese, melted cheese

Large and small and medium, large and small and medium

Pizza's great! Pizza's great!
Composed by Class 3Blue at Langley Primary School
October 2015


Cool Ninjago, cool Ninjago

Spinjitzu, Spinjitzu

Lloyd is the green ninja, Lloyd is the green ninja

Golden one too, golden one too.
Composed by Alex at Eaton Valley Primary School
November 2015

My Little Pony

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash

Going to find the Crystal Bowl, going to find the Crystal Bowl

Twilight too, Twilight too.
Composed by Danielle at Eaton Valley Primary School
November 2015

My friend Mrs Wright teaches Y6 children and they kindly sent me their 'Super Heroes' Frere Jacques and a recording of them singing it! Bonus! Enjoy the recording and have fun singing their version! Well done gang! Mr C
Super Heroes 

Super Heroes, Super Heroes

Rule the world, r
ule the world.

They have super powers, they have super po

Yes they do! Yes they do!


I like Bacon. I like Bacon

Red and Pink, red and pink.

Scrumptious and delicious, scrumptious and delicious.

Crispy too. Crispy too.
Composed by Class 6 at Oakham Primary School.
April 2016

So my friend Mrs Wright has been at it again! She sent me a version of the 'Avengers' Frere Jacques by her Y4 class at St. Norberts School, Spalding. Well done to all of them and her! Thanks for the excellent singing too! Mr C.
The Avengers

The Avengers, The Avengers,

Captain America, Captain America,
Not forgetting Iron Man, not forgetting Iron Man,
And there's Hulk, and there's Hulk.

So another, welcome, 'Guest' submission!
This time from bigger people at the Ukulele Club of Painsley Catholic College, Cheadle! Their teacher Ms. Medley contacted me with their submission.
Thanks gang!
Mr C.

Ukuleles Ukuleles

Strum your strings! Strum your strings!

Good for making music. Good for making music.

It's such fun! It's such fun!

Kinder Eggs

Yum-my choc'-late, Yum-my choc'-late

Kinder Eggs, Kinder Eggs

There are lots of prizes, there are lots of prizes

Stickers too, stickers too!
Written by Class 3w at Eaton Valley Primary School
October 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Chip the tea cup, Chip the tea cup

Mis-sus Potts, Mis-sus Potts

Beauty and the Beast now, Beauty and the Beast now

The curse broke, the curse broke
Written by Class 3c at Eaton Valley Primary School
October 2017

Rock Music

Crazy singing, crazy singing

Rock Music, Rock Music

Bass is really loud now, Bass is really loud now

Drums and guitars, drums and guitars

Written by Year 3 at Parkhill Primary School
October 2017


Apples and Oranges, Apples and Oranges

Ba-na-na, Ba-na-na

Fruit is very healthy, fruit is very healthy

Crunch! Munch! LUNCH! Crunch! Munch! LUNCH!
Composed by Year 3 at
St. Mary Magdalenes CofE Primary School

October 2017


New York City, New York City

Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters

Slimer is so slimy, Slimer is so slimy

Who you gonna call? Who You gonna call?
Composed by Year 3MH at Hamstead Junior School
October 2017

Home Alone

New York City, New York City

Home A-lone, Home A-lone

Kevin caused a lot of mess, Kevin caused a lot of mess

Found his family, found his family
Composed by Year 3JB at Hamstead Junior School
October 2017


Bread and butter, bread and butter

Sand-wic-hes, sand-wic-hes

Lots of things to fill them with, lots of things to fill them with

I love Cobs! I love Cobs!
Composed by Year 3 at
St Johns CofE Primary Academy
October 2017


Peas and Carrots, Peas and Carrots

Broc-o-lli, Broc-o-lli

They are very healthy, they are very healthy

Po-ta-toes, Po-ta-toes
Composed by Year 3 at Langley Primary School
October 2017

Guest Submission!

Mr. Harwood and friends in Y4 at Broadheath Primary School have sent me their excellent composition of a 'BANNED' Frere Jacques!
It's a football one...!
They also kindly sent me a recording of it! So do have a listen.
Thank you Year 4!

P.S. If anybody else wants to send me their own versions, please do through the contact page!

Man U-ni-ted, Man United

Paul Pog-ba, Paul Pog-ba

Rom-e-lu Lu-ka-ku, Romelu Lukaku

All the way, All the way.
Composed by Year 4 at
Broadheath Primary School, Coventry


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