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Lesson Sheet



            F                         F
Oh my dar-ling, Oh my dar-ling, 
            F                        C
Oh my dar-ling Clem-en-tine
             C7                        F
You are lost and gone for ev-er
                C                      F
Dread-ful sor-ry Clem-en-tine


The Clementine Challenge!

Can you change your strumming pattern - the way you play the strings with your flying thumb?

  1. Place your thumb on the 'G' string and your pointing finger on the 'A' string

  2. Place them as if you were going to 'pinch' the strings together

  3. Next play DOWN all the strings with your thumb

  4. Straight after, play UP the strings with the 'pad' of your pointing finger.

  5. Finally try to play the pattern;


    • Play it to the rhythm of the words "Oh my dar-ling"

    • Continue this strumming pattern through the song

Can you do it? You can? WELL DONE!!!

For the full 'horror' story of what happens to Clementine take a look at the full lyrics on Wikipedia Link here... it's not pretty!!!

To listen to a recording of the above version of 'Clementine' click on 'Play.'

My friends at Holy Head Primary School, Wednesbury would be pleased to sing it for you!

(Feb 2011)  

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