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Lesson Sheet

 [There is a YouTube Tutorial for this piece]

'All Elephants' (Teachers)

The Ukulele has 4 strings they are called A E C and G 

To help us remember the names of the strings we can say this rhyme;







We can turn this into a simple piece.

  • Use a ‘Held’ thumb to play each string four times through.
  • Play all the strings (A, E, C, G) twice through
  • The first time you play it say the rhyme to go with the first pick of the string;

  All          Elephants        Can        Grumble!”

   A A A A               E E E E                                 C C C C               G G G G

  • The second time through say the string name instead of

the rhyme word.


  • We use crotchet notes throughout this piece






  • If you're accompanying your class learning these beginner pieces and would like an extra challenge...!

  • These are the chords that are played while the picking of the individual strings are performed.

  • Try playing them at the same time as your class plays the part above. Play them once every 4 beats

  • Watch out for the 'G' chord - it's a little tough!

  • Take careful note of the fingering numbers to use, they will help!








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